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What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a therapeutic process that harnesses the amazing powers of hypnosis to help people use their subconscious mind to bring about positive changes in their feelings, thoughts, and behavior.

Hypnosis, also known as “trance”, is an altered state of consciousness. During hypnosis, a person experiences a highly focused state of mind, and the unconscious mind acts freely without the intervention of normal waking consciousness.

Hypnosis is Completely Natural

Hypnosis is not something strange, mystical, weird, or alien. It is a completely natural state that every person goes in and out of throughout each day without noticing it!

If you’ve ever experienced your mind drifting off and focusing on something else entirely - while you are doing something boring, mindless, or repetitive - then you have probably experienced hypnosis.


When you get “in the zone” or get so engrossed with an activity that you lose track of time, that’s hypnosis as well.

Any activity can induce a trance. You can get in a trance while you are:

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    Watching TV
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    Drawing and painting
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    Driving down a long stretch of road
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    Reading a book
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    Standing in line
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    Listening to music
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    Concentrating on a task
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    Playing a sport
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    Dancing or performing
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    Listening to someone talk
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    ... and perhaps reading this list!

The Power of Suggestion

The mind is a powerful thing. At the same time, the mind is susceptible to suggestion, to one degree or another. With the guidance of a hypnotherapist, a person can harness this power by entering a state of heightened susceptibility.

At the ​Peak Horizons Health Coaching & Hypnosis Center, we use a combination of many different accepted and respected techniques to help you create the change you want in your life. These techniques include conversational hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Ericksonian hypnosis, Kappasian hypnosis, as well as visualization and emotional anchoring, among others.

We will help you achieve your goals, and make changes happen faster than you can on your own.

Healthcare professionals

Safe and Recognized by the Medical Profession

Unlike its portrayal by Hollywood, hypnosis does not involve being put in a deep sleep, and it cannot be used to force you to do anything that you would not normally do. During a hypnotherapy session, you remain completely aware of your surroundings and situation.


You are totally safe and in control of yourself when under hypnosis. Just like in a daydream, you can snap back to what you know as reality in the blink of an eye.

The medical profession and scientific community recognize the potential benefits of hypnosis and what it could do for patients who are looking for an alternative treatment option. Hypnosis has been used to fight a wide range of psychological, physical, and behavioral issues.

Hypnotherapy is a regulated, legitimate form of therapy. It has proven to be particularly effective in cases with patients suffering from pain and addiction.

Make the Change. Be Amazed.

We want to help you safely, effectively, and permanently make a positive change in your life.

Do you want to be amazed by what you can achieve with hypnotherapy? Give us a call or drop us a message now.

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​260 Northland Blvd, 312A, Cincinnati, 45246

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